DWC 4 Bucket System


GS Hydro’s Compact 4 Plant DWC Hydroponic System


This 4 bucket hydroponic system is your basic bucket system with a nice feature. We have added a level tube so you can see the nutrient level without having to lift the lid.

It’s a good starter set and made to order.

These are 4, 3.5-gallon buckets with molded 6″ net pot lids. The 4 bucket hydroponic system comes with 2, 2 port air pumps, air hoses, and air stones.

Also included are 4 Rockwool/stonewool starter cubes and 2 gallons of Expanded Clay Pebbles.

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 13 cm


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