Compact 3 Plant CNF Hydroponic System W/ Nutrients & Accessories.


GS Hydro’s Compact 6 Plant CNF Hydroponic System


Our 3 plant compact system is geared towards the new hydroponics grower or someone with a very tight space to work with.

We call this a CNF (Constant Nutrient Flow) system. Giving you the benefits of DWC and NFT without the problems of drying roots or large amounts of nutrients to maintain in multiple containers or buckets. Because of its design, you will use fewer nutrients due to waste with a total operation volume of about 4 to 5 gallons of solution. This will save you money on nutrients and supplements.

It grows a compact Sea of Green from seedlings to mature plants. For continuous growing and cloning, see our 6 plant propagation units.

It contains 3, 3″ net cup holes spaced 8″ from center apart and has an overall 35″ x 15″ footprint.

It’s capable of growing many types of small to medium plants, from Tomatoes to Cannabis(where legal).

Best of all, it’s compact, as the name implies. This system will fit in a 2’x2′ grow room, sunroom, or any corner, making it compact and versatile.

The growth rates are phenomenal with the benefit of a compact root system like in an NFT system with the saturation of a DWC system.

Maintenance is easy, with the reservoir being easy to remove and maintain with the ability to empty the grow tubes by simply leaning towards the bucket will drain about 80% of the tube.

The system includes stonewool cubes, hydro clay pebbles, and net cups.

Also Included are a Set of FoxFarm Nutrients, Ph & TDS meters, and a Ph Up and Down Kit. It’s all you need to grow except the lighting. (NOTE: Some Product Brands May Vary Do To Availability, substitutes will be of comparable value and quality.) 

1 Year Warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

See More details on our Product Description Page.

“Patent Pending”

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 13 cm


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