Advanced Nutrients 2360-13 Bud Ignitor Fertilizer, 500 mL, 0.5 Liter, Brown/A



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Product Description:

  • You see, we knew there had to be a solution for spurring bud development earlier in the game.

    Get it wrong, and we could end up with pitiful yields at harvest time. Get it right, and we’d be raking in loads of full, potent bud.

    So our scientists ran a test.

    We took 10,000 plants from common strains, and controlled every groom room variable…

    Everything EXCEPT what we fed them.

    That’s right.

    The one crucial difference…

    Was adding kelp to the feeding recipe for half the plants.

    The result?

    Plants that got kelp produced a greater number of budding sites than the ones without it.

    And you’ll be happy to know that what we discovered is helping thousands of growers promote earlier flowering.

    Now here’s something to be aware of…

    phosphorus toxicity that works against flower production and overall plant health.

Not only that, your crops may taste harsh so they hurt your throat and lungs.


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